Sam Tomkins says TV interviews in Super League are “boring” as he calls for lie-detectors during interviews

England skipper and two-time Man of Steel Sam Tomkins has been one of the biggest games in the sport since he burst onto the scene in 2009 with Wigan Warriors.

He has seen the sport and how it has changed over the last decade and a half.

However, Tomkins has called for the sport to change in order to boost viewings and believes Super League needs to take lessons from the NRL.

He has also stated that the sport needs to sell the game a little more moving forward calling TV interviews boring.

“I think it’s just money, the investment is huge, the broadcasters are huge, the sponsorships are huge,” Tomkins said on the Big Jim Show.

“They go on multiple channels, every game is televised, we have two or three games televised a week so getting that would be a big thing.

“In terms of selling the sport, I do work with Sky Sports and Channel 4 in punditry and analysis and things.

“I just think we’re so boring, every interview is the same. Every coach gets interviewed about the team they’re going to play next: ‘they’re a very well coached team, they have threats all across the field.’

“If you’re playing against the worst team in the league, you should have the confidence to say ‘if we don’t win by 20 points there’s something wrong.’

“That would instantly create more atmosphere. Boxers sell fights, often the selling of the fight is better than the actual fight.

“We’re the opposite, we don’t have any sell.

“I think collectively I think all coaches should do their interviews with a lie-detector so if they ask ‘Are Castleford any good?’ and they say ‘yeah’ it will show if they’re lying.

“We’ve got to do something different, we’ve got to do something different. IMG can do whatever they want but players and coaches need to take some responsibility and somehow sell games a little stronger.

“I’m saying that, it’s easy to say it and not have a plan for it.”

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