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Serious About Rugby League originated from a small Facebook group made up of around 100 members in 2013. From this we decided to start a new website www.seriousaboutrl.com where members of the group would contribute with their opinions on the great game of Rugby League.

As the site started to get more visitors we set up a Facebook and Twitter page for the website which helped to generate more visitors. When starting anything you always get those one or two people willing to help more and in this case Betting Expert Paul Redhead and Australian Rugby League Journalist Trev Smith were those guys.

Both helped me to grow the website and social media pages with Paul providing brilliant weekly Betting Tips, while Trev set up Serious About Rugby League Australia, helping us to grow down under. We have recruited more people along the way such as Dan Fowler, who provides us with unrivalled weekly previews and reviews for all Championship matches.

Our ambition is to continue to grow and provide Rugby League fans with a different view of the greatest game. Sponsors such as Xamax Clothing and Avalon Tours have been a great help since coming on board and this has allowed us to share our brand, supporting the emerging Chilean Rugby League team and the Grass Roots of the sport in the shape of Bolton Mets RLFC.


Managing Editor: Ben Carney – [email protected]

Editor: Dan Fowler – [email protected]

Australian Editor: Trev Smith – [email protected]

Betting Expert: Paul Redhead – [email protected]


If you have a story you feel is worth sharing on our site then please contact one of our writers. Alternatively, if you are interested in contributing as a writer then please get in touch. Whether you are a young and upcoming Journalists or just a supporter with a passion for the game, we give everyone a chance to share their opinions.

Advertising: We are always on the look out to build new, friendly relationships with people involved in the sport. If you are interested in becoming a partner then contact us via the details below.


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