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“I must acquit” – Magistrate finds George Burgess not guilty on charge of ‘sexual touching’

George Burgess

Former England international and one-time Wigan Warriors man George Burgess has been cleared of a charge of ‘sexual touching’ by a court in Australia.

The woman who had accused Burgess of the incident broke down in tears as the verdict was confirmed with magistrate Emma Manea informing the court that the 32-year-old would be acquitted.

George Burgess was on trial for the single charge of sexually touching another person without consent, something that he had pleaded not guilty to.

The incident in question occurred back in March 2022 in Sydney when Burgess was visiting his accuser’s house to present her with a signed shirt for charity.

During that 11-minute stay, it was alleged that the Englishman had squeezed the lady’s bottom, something he vehemently denied and something that Magistrate Manea has sided with him on as she expressed “doubt”, thereby siding with the accused which was Burgess in this case.

George Burgess acquitted in sexual touching case

George Burgess

Credit: SWpix

The woman who accused George Burgess cannot be named for legal reasons but upon hearing the verdict of acquittal, she broke down and hit out with an outburst towards the female magistrate.

“What have you done for women?”, she asked of Magistrate Emma Manea, before addressing the media in interviews where she once again questioned, “What hope do women have?”

Those comments were reported by Fox Sports who had covered the case down under with the first day of the hearing dating as far back as October when the woman alleged that George Burgess had attempted to kiss her, before then “grabbing” her bottom.

George Burgess, who was married at the time, accepted that he had been flirtatious and Magsirate Manea argued that that admission made Burgess’ evidence “more plausible”.

The woman had known Burgess for ten years prior to the alleged incident back in 2022, the same year that he announced his retirement from the professional game.

Magistrate Manea’s verdict saw her state: “I do not accept all of his evidence but I don’t reject it. I have difficulty accepting his evidence, but I think some of it to be true,” Ms Manea said.

“In accordance, I must acquit. I have doubt and that must flow to the accused, and he’s not guilty.”

George’s twin brother Tom will head to the Super League in 2025 after signing a huge deal with Huddersfield Giants, while older brother Sam has made a lightning start to his Super League coaching career with Warrington currently top of the table with eight wins from eleven and a Challenge Cup semi-final on the horizon.

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