Kristian Woolf eyes up Theo Fages replacement

Theo Fages is set to miss the rest of the season through injury, and, with intense speculation that he will not be at St Helens in 2022, question marks over who will replace the Frenchman continue to pop up.

However, rather than looking outwards, Saints head coach Kristian Woolf is set to look inwards – with youngster Lewis Dodd ready to step into Fages’ big shoes.

“It’s a terrific opportunity for Lewis – I will reiterate how good a job Theo has done over the last two years since I’ve been here.

“He’s been tough and the team really means a lot to him; you know Theo will go at he opposition and compete all the time and he’s a very well liked player in the group.

“Lewis is a big part of our future going forward and can be a part of the club for a very long time.

“Not only has he got a lot of potential he’s also got a number of important attributes – he always wants to work hard and I know that he will come in and work really hard and make the most of his opportunity.”

Woolf added: “I think he’s right up to the task and everyone will be impressed with him, so we won’t be signing other halves to come into the group.

“If for some reason things don’t work out with Theo, we’ve got every confidence Lewis can come in and make that place his own.”

The Saints boss was also keen to stress that future talks with Fages have been put on the backburner due to the halfback’s injury.

“Theo hasn’t made his intentions clear yet and I’ve said with the Challenge Cup and him going into surgery quite quickly after, we’ve left that alone.

“Theo can come out and make the statement when he’s ready.”

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