James Graham’s hilarious story about how Wigan Warriors star John Bateman “brushed” him off

The England squad is a place where the biggest names in English rugby league come together and shine.

It’s a chance for fans to see partnerships that could never happen at club level. St Helens legends and Wigan Warriors stars can play alongside one another and be a success.

Which is exactly the case with John Bateman and James Graham who have never played at the same club but shone together in England shirts and have a good relationship with Graham inviting Bateman on his podcast the Bye Round.

In the latest episode of Graham’s podcast, which was a particularly insightful one with Gareth Widdop guest appearing, Graham revealed as such whilst also telling a funny story of how the Wigan man ghosted him.

He said: “I’ve been trying to get Batty [John Bateman] on this podcast. Sent him a message ‘Hey Batty are you free on this day?’

“On whatsapp you can see if someone has read the message, he’s not even opened it but he didn’t know I was going into England camp two days later.

“So, I’ve come in and he’s gone ‘oh’ I could see him just go ‘oh’. It was like his stomach just sank.

“He was like ‘I was going to message you back’ I was like ‘I’ve know what you’ve done Batty, you’ve just brushed me.”

So, it’s safe to assume Bateman may be appearing on the Bye Round very soon.

He’ll be hoping to appear as a World Cup winner.

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