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Channel 4 presenter Adam Hills hosts new rugby league documentary on Paramount+

Adam Hills is the front man for the incredibly popular Channel 4 coverage of Super League, however he’s also a Warrington Wolves player with the 53-year-old representing the club’s PDRL side.

Not only does Hills play for Warrington’s Physical Disability Rugby League side but he also has represented his nation Australia, something he proudly did at the World Cup late last year.

The PDRL World Cup ran at the same time as the Men’s, Women’s and Wheelchair, however sadly wasn’t afforded the same coverage as the other three tournaments.

Despite that it’s now been confirmed that Hills, whose Australian side made it all the way to the final before falling to hosts England, will host a television show highlighting the Australian side’s efforts in what was the first ever PDRL World Cup.

The show ‘Grow Another Foot’ will be broadcast on the streaming network Paramount+ and documents the team’s travel to and participation in the inaugural competition.

Involved in that Australian squad were ten players who represent Gold Coast Titans, with the NRL club having now shared the news about the documentary and offering an inside look from the players involved.

One of those who joined the team was Matt Ash, the Community Projects and Partnership Lead with the club, and he told the Titans website about the experience which can be viewed now on Paramount+.

“It was unlike anything I’ve ever done before,” Ash said.

“We faced every challenge that could have been thrown at us.

“From minimal funding, lack of pre-tournament trainings, the longest air and road travel time, broken bones and a gastro bug that affected 80% of the squad, the group showed such resilience.

“To see Physical Disability Rugby League showcased to the world and given the same platform as the men, women and wheelchair, solidified that these players belong on the mainstage.”

Hills himself had taken to his Instagram to plug the show as well and he was a huge factor in the show getting to air per Ash, who explained how the notoriety of Hills helped draw eyes and attention to the tournament.

Ash explained: “Adam’s presence was certainly a positive for our relatively in-experienced football side, he brought the eyes of the nation (and more so the UK), we had the most high-profile player in the tournament.

“He went about his day just like the rest of the players and was also able to give quality insight into the English squad, given his experience playing for the Warrington Wolves PDRL side.

“He wrote and taught the squad our winning team song, obviously provided some fantastic humour but most importantly, was the man in charge of the speaker – ACDC was on repeat!”

So whilst we sadly might not be seeing Hills on our screens presenting rugby league on Channel 4 with the broadcaster seemingly frozen out of the new TV deal, at least we can see him in this brilliant documentary available on Paramount+.

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