Jackson Hastings stunned by awarding of controversial try

As Salford Red Devils celebrated 150 years against St Helens, former Wigan Warriors star and Salford hero wished the Red Devils well even teasing that one day he could come back to the club.

Hastings will always be loved by the Red Devils and the feeling is definitely mutual as he has success as the top halfback at Newcastle Knights which is thanks to the platform Salford and Wigan gave the halfback.

So, as he continues to support Salford, he has expressed his shock at a key try being controversially awarded to Matty Lees.

He commented on social media: “That got given a try? Oh my.”

After the game on Salford Red Devils TV, Paul Rowley wasn’t pleased with the officials:

“It’s so hard. If we’d have won the game, I’d come in and say probably exactly the same thing. I thought the officials were a disgrace. I think Jack, I’ve watched him on telly, he’s been a disgrace a few times this year, one for us at Warrington at home. So three games in a row now we’ve been absolutely let down.

“So clearly Kendall and Liam Moore are the best two refs who get all the cup finals, we don’t get them too much so we must be deemed poor quality games.

“It’s kind of gloves off, I’m usually quite measured and take my time I don’t like to criticise because we’ve lost obviously, but again, I’d have said the same thing in victory.”

He questioned a missed boot in touch from Tee Ritson:

“Then when you’ve got a bright pink boot four foot in front of you on a touchline, then you would hope that somebody competent would make the right decision. As a result of that the sequence continues and we get a man in the bin and then there’s a try scored from a knock on.”

He also had his say on the Matty Lees try:

“It’s quite interesting because we had a try off a Tim Lafai big hit the other week which they got wrong. That one was more wrong, so no we’ve not had any reasoning because you know you can’t really talk to officials, you’re not really allowed to.”