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Rugby league presenter threatened at knife point in awful incident

Rugby League is striving to make a splash in America as the NRL take their opening fixtures of the 2024 season over to America and specifically Las Vegas.

However, it hasn’t been all smooth sailing especially for the journalists who have gone over to the land of opportunity with one being threatened at knife point according to the Daily Telegraph.

According to the publication: “One news presenter was confronted by a man wielding a knife just minutes before going live to air, while a second journalist feared being “killed” after being cornered by three vehicles while reporting near the Broncos team hotel.

“Both crews were working after midnight due to the 18-hour time difference to meet deadlines back home in Australia.”

Speaking anonymously, one of them told the Daily Telegraph: “It was the first time in my life that I thought I was going to die,” the NRL journalist said.

“The honest feeling was we were either going to be robbed or killed. I was genuinely worried about not surviving.

“To be honest, as Australian media covering the NRL, we were not fully aware of the dangers of working at night in this country,” the reporter said.

“We were simply naive. Everybody talks about LA being dangerous and coming from Australia.

“This is a great city but it’s a dangerous city after dark if you get off the bright lights in isolated areas. I’m just relieved we came out in one piece.”

Rugby League looks to make impact in the land of opportunity

As part of the NRL’s push towards America, NFL great and future Hall of Famer Rob Gronkowski has been amazed at the intensity of the NRL and rugby league in general.

Those familiar with the NFL will know of Rob Gronkowski but for those who aren’t, then put simply he is the most dominant player to ever play at his position.

During his NFL career, Gronkowski was part of the famous New England Patriots dynasty before then coming back out of retirement to unite with legendary teammate Tom Brady and win another Super Bowl.

That took his Super Bowl tally to four, something that only 18 other players have achieved since 1966 highlighting his status as one of the greats.

In his post-playing career, Gronk has served as a TV personality and analyst and to promote the Las Vegas double-header for the NRL opener, the larger-than-life character has reacted to some huge rugby league hits and it’s safe to say he is impressed.

Shown footage of some huge NRL plays on Fox Sports, the American broadcasters for the NRL double-header, Gronkowski who was one of the toughest men in the sport has claimed he’d “never do that without pads”.

“The closest thing to football, but without pads” – NFL great reacts to huge rugby league hits

Gronkowski played out a one-minute-long highlight reel and was asked to react to it and he didn’t disappoint, the American fans will certainly be buying into the NRL following his testimony.

Reacting to the first clip, he exclaimed: “Oh he just got double trucked. I don’t think I would ever do that without pads.”

“The lateral pass, oh we’ve got a high step, here he goes, we’ve got a little juke and oh we’ve got a stiff arm,” he said.

“That’s what you love to see in this game, not just rugby but also in American football. Oh that stiff arm (guy) was a beast, it was like ‘get off me boy’.”

It’s unclear whether Gronkowski will be part of the coverage for the NRL double-headers which will be shown across the world on Sunday.

For viewers in the UK, it will be an early start with South Sydney Rabbitohs facing Manly Sea Eagles at 2:30am, before Brisbane Broncos face Sydney Roosters at 4:30am.

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