James Graham tells official “you need to go to Specsavers”

After the games between Leeds Rhinos and Leigh Leopards, Hull FC and Wakefield Trinity and Salford Red Devils and St Helens there was a lot of talk about officials.

This is because Paul Rowley described official Jack Smith as a “disgrace” after he said it was “a good game spoiled.”

Officials are continually in the conversation it seems and now a Super League legend has told an official he needs to go to specsavers.

That is St Helens legend James Graham who was doing Radio Coverage for Triple M as St George Illawarra Dragons battled Parramatta Eels.

During the game, they had the chance to go 26-10 up, but went on to lose 26-20 against because of a key video referee call as a try was disallowed with a suspected strip from Clint Gutherson.

On the coverage you could hear on the Video Ref Mic: “We’re looking if there’s any intent to strip here from Clint Gutherson.”

Graham said in response: “Looking!? Looking, are you joking Sir?

“Gutherson’s hand is on top of the ball and goes down, of course he’s stripping the ball.”

Co-host Dan Ginnane added: “It was like he was pulling the chain on the old toilets.”

The Video Ref continued: “Clint Gutherson is just affecting a tackle, it’s a loose carry.”

Graham would interrupt fuming: “Oh my God! That is embarrassing. Seriously, go and send whoever is in the bunker, turn the TV off and get yourselves down to Specsavers or some laser eye surgery.

“You are not seeing what we are seeing. That is a joke, Dragons robbed!.”

Dan Ginnane would go on to add: “Why would he rip his hand down if he is just trying to affect a tackle?”

Since the disallowing of the try, it has been reported that it was wrongly disallowed.

The incident can be seen below:

Ryan Carr, currently acting as St George boss, made some interesting comments before he sat down for presser saying: “Sorry, I’ll just gather my thoughts for a second.

He went on to say that he was trying not to laugh after being asked about the incident: “Sorry, I’m trying not to laugh.

“Maybe they should come down and answer the questions for you so that everyone can understand why that’s not a try. It’s a try every day of the week, I know everyone agrees with me – the whole world.”