Andrew Fifita set for stunning move after brother David Fifita discussed possible Wakefield Trinity transfer

There was a time in 2021 where Andrew Fifita could have headed to Super League to join twin brother David at Wakefield Trinity.

At the time, a number of eyebrows were raised considering the amount of money Andrew was on at Cronulla Sharks, but the deal seemed really close.

That was until, of course, Andrew suffered a horror broken larynx in which he nearly died, but David still harboured a hope that the two would play on the same team before they retire.

“We had it a Wakefield last year where it was pretty much over the line and I was so excited by it and he petty much said that the awful injury he went through and he thought I was finished,” Fifita said on The Full Eighty Minutes podcast.

“We went downhill then me and him because we knew how much it meant to each other and how we got the best out of each other.

“We started together at under-6s if there is a chance next year for us to play together then I want it.

“It’s still a part of his dream for us to play together for a year – I’m excited, if he comes over I’m happy to carry on because I do feel good.”

Fifita has been at Belle Vue since 2016, firmly becoming a real fans’ favourite.

However, brother Andrew is now extremely unlikely to make the move to Super League, given the fact that Cronulla head coach Craig Fitzgibbon wants to bring the hulking forward into his off-field coaching staff at the end of the season – or in the near future at very least.

“I’d met him previously in NSW Origin camp and thought he was a good guy,” Fitzgibbon told the Daily Telegraph.

“But I underestimated his care factor for the club and the love he has for his teammates.

“He’s got a winning mentality, that no matter what the situation, the game can be won.

“He’s all positive around the group in everything he does.”

Fitzgibbon isn’t bothered by the large contract Fifita currently earns.

“Andrew had been handed a long-term contract and he was entitled to that,” Fitzgibbon continued.

“I’m happy for him and really admire that he’s come such a long way from the serious injury.”

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