World Club Challenge second half postponed due to crazy weather

The second half of the World Club Challenge has been postponed due to the threat of lightning.

The Saints lead 10-0 at the break.

St Helens wasted the first opportunity of the game. After a Penrith error invited pressure, the Saints had three repeat sets but two poor grubber kicks squandered the first attack.

Then immediately, Taylan May made a break down the left for Penrith and eventually a Stephen Crichton kick caused chaos for the Saints until Will Hopoate dealt with it.

As the rain picked up, a quick play the ball from Alex Walmsley had Penrith stretched and a lovely ball from Jonny Lomax allowed Curtis Sironen to tear through and he found Jack Welsby in support to score.

After scoring the opener, Welsby, helped by the returning Morgan Knowles, produced a stunning try saver on Nathan Cleary to stop him short turn him on his back and force the ball loose.

As the rain intensified and the lighting started to flash around the pitch, Konrad Hurrell hit the ball short down the blind side like a crack of thunder to tear through the Penrith defence short range to score.

In the first half St Helens kept the Panthers scoreless despite 34 tackles inside their 20. It did cost them Tommy Makinson who went off after a head injury.

Nonetheless, the Saints held out.

The first half was played in some wild rain and the threat of lightning.

That did subside and a rainbow emerged but at the start of the second half the lightning came closer and thus the second half was pushed back.

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