Woolf keen to blood young players

St Helens Head Coach Kristian Woolf has said he is excited about being able to blood in young players during the busy period.

They will already be playing midweek and weekend throughout October, but should they reach the Challenge Cup semi-final, and subsequently the final, they could face four games in 16 days.

But Woolf isn’t too concerned about the schedule.

He said: “It is what it is this year. If it was any normal year, we would be talking about player welfare.

“But this year is different. We all know we have to do things different, we are all going to have to sacrifice and think a bit differently. The world has been turned upside-down, and so has rugby league.”

He also said it would be a good opportunity for his younger players to prove their worth in the first team.

He added: “What it does mean for us looking forward, and it is the same for every team, we will have to rotate our squad, and rotate players.

“The real positive of that, and something which excites me, is usually, you talk about how you are going to blood young players and try to find opportunities to do that, but we are just going to have to do that.

“We are going to throw some good, young players in, and see how they hold up at this level. Some may come up really good and surprise us, and some may struggle, but we can see where they’re at.”

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