Wolfpack reveal how they are keeping fit and motivated

Toronto Wolfpack, in conjunction with Treated.com, have revealed how they are keeping fit and motivated during the lockdown.

All sport in the UK is suspended whilst it is on lockdown, as they aim to slow the spread of the coronavirus.

It has hit Canada too, as they have banned all sports matches until July, meaning it would delay the Wolfpack’s first Super League game in North America.

Jon Kelly, Head of Strength and Conditioning at the Wolfpack, said:  “We’ve replicated the players’ normal gym session and the normal exercise that they would do.

“So squatting patterns, hinging patterns, pressing patterns, pulling patterns. But we understand that because they are limited by body weight, in some cases, rather than the usual rep ranges you would see in strength training they tend to go for higher rep ranges, or they go for a single leg or single arm version.

“We do a lot of 30 second intervals in our training. So I said to Greg Worthington the other day, if you choose eight exercises that you’re familiar with, perform one exercise for 30 seconds and have 30 seconds rest, and then go into the next exercise, then 30 seconds rest, until you’ve done all eight and have two minutes rest. If you do that two or three times, that’s a good session there.”

Player Reaction

Bodene Thompson has revealed how he is improvising with his fitness. Credit: News Images

Fullback Gareth O’Brien has said he is doing the best he can with what he has. He doesn’t have any gym equipment in his home.

He said: “I’ve not got any equipment so a lot of my training has been bodyweight exercises to maintain my strength. But you can improvise.

“We’ve just had our kitchen re-tiled, and I had some spare tiles so I’ve been using those. They’re pretty heavy, you can use them as a weight for press ups and stuff like that.

“You can probably improvise using various pieces of furniture as I’ve been doing.”

Forward Bodene Thompson says he has also been improvising with things in his house.

He added: “I’ve got a little curb in the backyard, or you can put a weight plate down, just doing full range squats all the way down, heels to the back heel, ankles if you can get it there, and all the way up on a little bit of elevation knees pointed out.

“Those are really good if you’ve got no weights, just doing those on a little curb or elevation.”


Gareth O’Brien has revealed his tips for staying motivated. Credit: News Images

Whilst he is missing training, O’Brien is keen to get the message across about keeping motivated during this time.

He adds: “It is harder don’t get me wrong, because you get into a routine of jumping into your car, going to training, being with 20-25 other blokes that can get you through the day.

“If you’ve had a bad day, your mates get you through it, and it’s good to bounce off each other so you get each other through it.

“Being home, It’s a bit different. You’ve not got that comradery around you. But you’ve just got to get it done, there’s no other way around it really.

“You’ve got to get into a routine at home with specific training days. So you set yourself specific days you’re gonna train, and then have a day off at a certain time. And then try and get yourself into a routine at home. It does help.”

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