Wigan v Wakefield: Predicted line-ups and late injury news

After back-to-back wins over Huddersfield, Wigan will be looking to establish some real momentum against Wakefield tonight. The Warriors recently lost to Wakefield so very well could have something to prove against a Trinity side coming into the game off the back of defeat to Salford.

Wigan should have a much more experienced 17 this week. The Warriors welcome back talisman Jackson Hastings who’ll likely fill the hole at fullback despite the objection of plenty of supporters. Willie Isa is also back from a ban and could slot in at centre. Other than that, the Warriors should remain relatively the same other than the absence of Liam Byrne through a rib injury.

As for Wakefield, they also welcome back some senior stars who could make them a more formidable foe. Both Ryan Hampshire and Alex Walker are back vying for the fullback spot. Meanwhile, Kyle Wood’s return should solve the problems Trinity are suffering at nine. Other than that, like Wigan, Wakefield should remain largely the same as both sides look for much needed continuity.

31 Jackson Hastings
22 Jake Bibby
11 Willie Isa
4 Oliver Gildart
5 Liam Marshall
20 Harry Smith
7 Thomas Leuluai
8 Brad Singleton
9 Sam Powell
21 Ethan Havard
12 Liam Farrell
27 Kai Pearce-Paul
14 Ollie Partington
10 Joe Bullock
17 Tony Clubb
25 Joe Shorrocks
34 Brad O’Neill

29 Ryan Hampshire
27 Lee Kershaw
18 Innes Senior
4 Reece Lyne
5 Liam Kay
6 Jacob Miller
7 Mason Lino
10 Tinirau Arona
9 Kyle Wood
12 Kelepi Tanginoa
11 Matty Ashurst
14 Jay Pitts
13 Joe Westerman
8 David Fifita
15 Eddie Battye
16 James Batchelor
25 Brad Walker

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