What Super League coaches had to say on the matter of cancellation

Super League games could be in doubt after heavy snowfall.

The country entered a cold snap yesterday with snow flurries throughout the day but the dropping temperatures last night and persistent snowfall throughout the night through to this morning has most of the country white over plunging sporting contests into doubt.

There are four Super League games scheduled tonight including Huddersfield Giants hosting Castleford Tigers in a game scheduled to be on Sky Sports and act as the Tigers refresh after the departure of Lee Radford.

Earlier this week, Huddersfield Giants boss Ian Watson has had his say on whether or not their game against Castleford could be cancelled.

He said: “We asked the stadium to let us train on the pitch tomorrow morning as a safety net but they say that we can’t, they’re worried there’s going to be too much snow. We’re trying to get it marked out today for Friday so they’ll keep us off tomorrow and we’ll have to train somewhere else.

“As for the game, the game will be on. Huddersfield has always managed to get games on. I think they have the heat lamps so yeah the game will be fine as long as people can get in and out of the stadium safely.

“All the stadium staff will be on high alert to make sure everything goes smoothly, hopefully we don’t get the amount they’re forecasting and that makes it easier for us to get the game underway.

“We don’t want any breaks at the moment, we need to keep playing now. Those first two games have been really intense, almost more intense than every game last year barring one.”

This came as Rohan Smith said something similar about Leeds Rhinos’ clash against Wakefield Trinity saying: “Leeds always seem to get the games on.”

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