Tyson Fury bizarrely speaks out about former Grand Final-winning champion

Tyson Fury is a big Paul Gallen fan – that’s a sentence that will make people sit up and take note.

Whilst Fury is the undefeated WBC heavyweight champion of the world, Gallen is

Tyson Fury is the undefeated WBC heavyweight champion of the world.

He’s maybe the biggest name in world boxing; someone who has defeated the best of the best on his way to becoming the guy to beat in the scariest division in the sport.

He is also a Paul Gallen fan.

With time seemingly on his hands, Fury has revealed he watched the all-Australian heavyweight bout between rising star Justis Huni and former league star Paul Gallen.

And while Gallen lost, Fury was impressed.

“May I say, Paul Gallen’s very gutsy,” Fury told Main Event. “He’s got some balls on him. Credit to him.”

And if Fury wants to tune in to some more Gallen action, he’ll get the chance soon.

“All the footy players want to fight me, they think they can beat me,” Gallen, who confirmed a new three-fight deal, told 2GB recently.

“So I thought, ‘Yeah, I’ll fight them.’

“I don’t know who against. I did sign a contract.

“I’ll fight footy players, not again against the best fighter Australia has seen.”

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