Tony Smith says he will cost Hull FC games and tells fans to “get used to it”

Tony Smith has picked up two wins from two at his new club Hull FC to start the season having beaten Castleford Tigers in Round One before defeating his nephew Rohan Smith’s side at Headingley on Friday night.

Smith named the same 17, though in a different order, for those two games which is something of a rarity from the two-time Super League winning coach.

Smith has been described as something of a “tinker man” in the past as he often changes his teams.

On Friday night, Smith confirmed that at Hull FC it would be no different and he referenced the 2004 season he enjoyed at Leeds Rhinos when he only named the same line up twice in a row once in the semi-final and Grand Final.

Thus, Smith told supporters to “get used to it” and admitted it would cost them games.

“It won’t happen many weeks, get used to it. Everyone can line up for a shot,” he said.

“In 2004, I only picked the same two weeks running once in the final two games of the year.

“We will make adjustments next week. I can almost guarantee it won’t be the same starting line up and bench next week.

“We will keep rotating them, we will keep them on their toes.

“Sometimes it will be injuries, sometimes it is keeping people fresh, sometimes it is getting people into form.

“There will be all different reasons, the coach will lose some games because of the team that he picks.

“Sorry out there to the supporters but that’s just how it’s going to be. We will put out a team that we think can be winners but it won’t always be a team that we picked.”

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