Stevo claims this is the real inspiration for IMG’s re-imagining of Super League

Last week IMG’s proposals to end normal relegation and promotion and introduce a grading system was voted in by clubs.

Now though former Sky Sports commentator Stevo has claimed that the inspiration for IMG’s plans is no more than just trying to copy the NRL.

He said on the Eddie and Stevo podcast: “Let’s face it, it looks likely, whether we want it or not, that they’re going to copy the NRL in regards to the fact that there will be no relegation and no promotion.

“That doesn’t mean to say that the lower clubs in the Premiership and in that second tier can’t get to Super League status, you’ve got to do what they do in Australia and expand.

“They don’t just stick with 12 teams or 14 teams or whatever, they expand and we’ve seen that over the years.

“They’re obviously copying and what they want to do is to try and get as much money as possible, get people behind the club because let’s face it if you’re going to put millions into your club and you want to back them. Then you don’t want to run the risk of spending all that money and being relegated.”

He then said that Wakefield Trinity could therefore be the last club ever relegated:

“Wakefield could be the last team to be relegated in the history of rugby league since 1895. See you later!”

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