Stevo claims Morgan Knowles should have been given 10-game ban

Last week was dominated by two big bans one for Morgan Knowles and the other for Gil Dudson.

Both got five match bans after Knowles’ hip drop tackle ended Wigan Warriors star Mike Cooper’s season whilst Warrington Wolves forward Gil Dudson punched Catalans Dragons’ Tom Johnstone on the floor.

On this, former Sky Sports commentator said on the Eddie and Stevo podcast: “Well I think he’s lucky he only got five.”

However, he went on to question if Morgan Knowles should have had a ban for ending Cooper’s season:

“There again though when we sit down and say is that fair, it’s five matches suspended for a player being out for the season yet Dudson gets five matches. A lot of fans will say alright he punched him, but is that as bad as making a player be out for the rest of the season?

“Maybe we should look at that as well. Look emotions run high when you’re playing at that level and he’s just lost the plot, it’s as simple as that.

“Is a punch to a player on the ground the same as someone who puts a player out for the rest of the season?

“Why can’t they bring something in and say that if a player is out for the rest of the season then the player that’s done that gets 10 games? Simple.”

Old commentary partner Eddie Hemmings pushed back against the idea:

“I’m sure no player goes out with the intention of causing an opposition player an injury that would end his season. If you put the sentence massive against that sort of injury then you’re almost saying that it’s premediated and I don’t think that was the case.”

Stevo responded with: “I agree but maybe we should make a set down law that if a player is made out for the season then the player who created that is out for at least 10 games.”

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