Sheridan updates fans on recovery

Oldham assistant coach Brendan Sheridan has updated fans about his recovery from coronavirus.

Sheridan was discharged from Pinderfields Hospital in Wakefield last week, and has returned home to Dewsbury to continue his recovery.

He spent two of his three weeks in hospital in intensive care, and says he owes his life to the staff at Pinderfields.

Sheridan told the club website: “It’s only now that I’m starting to realise how lucky I was and that I owe my life to the wonderful people at Pinderfields. At the same time I can’t stop thinking about the thousands who weren’t as lucky as I was.

“Every day I ask myself: ‘Why me? Why do I deserve to be as fortunate as this?’

“I’m getting on with my recovery now and I’m slowly getting there. I’m doing a three-mile walk every day but my battle is more of a mental one after everything that’s happened in the last few weeks.

“By all pulling together as a nation we can beat this thing, but we’ve still a way to go yet and we need to stick to social distancing and following Government guidelines for a while longer yet.

“There are signs we might be getting on top of it, certainly in hospitals, but we need to observe the guidelines as strictly as ever.

“We are so lucky to have the wonderful NHS behind us in these frightening and unprecedented times but we can’t afford to relax or think the worst is over and we can go back to something like normality.”

Image Credit: Mid-Yorkshire NHS Trust

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