Shaun Wane responds to the criticism of his England selection against Greece

Yesterday there was plenty of criticism of Shaun Wane’s England team selection as he rested plenty of players and didn’t give his first choice combinations the opportunity to develop.

James Graham and Jamie Peacock were amongst those who were critical of his decision making.

When asked about this criticism, the former Wigan Warriors boss responded to the criticism saying : “I can never win.”

He then went onto elaborate on how he avoids reading any of the criticism focusing on his own opinion and that there’s a lot more detail which goes into his selection process: “I don’t read into anything, I don’t have social media. I’m with these fellas 24 hours a day, I speak to physios, and I look at the GPS and I have to manage them.

“There’s a lot more detail that makes me make my team selection.

“People don’t understand the depth of knowledge that go into the selections.”

This was something he explained through the reasons behind Tommy Makinson’s substitution mid-way through the first half.

He said:

“I get a live feed on GPS on what speed metres and how many metres Tommy is run. I knew when the score got to blowout that his metres were high which increases the risk of injury.”

He then joked that he hopes this means he will get less hassle over his selections: “People don’t know that, I hope that helps and that I get a bit less hassle.”

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