Sam Tomkins “not been impressed” by this Super League side

Huddersfield Giants were brilliant in 2022.

They finished third, were superb defensively and the best team at dominating field position and territory.

They also made it to the Challenge Cup Final and were a minute away from beating Wigan Warriors in the capital.

This season they have added even more quality to their side for 2023 but so far Sam Tomkins hasn’t been impressed by the Giants.

The England skipper said on Sky Sports: “Not been that impressed to be honest.

“Going into this season they spoke about assembling the best squad they’ve had in a long time, they’re making strides. I’ve not seen that in the first two weeks.

“They’re going to have to prove they have what they say they have soon.”

Meanwhile, Jon Wilkin described them as “rank” and “awful” against Wakefield Trinity:

“It was a high quality game against Warrington to start. Warrington got the better of them physically. Against Wakefield, in the first half it was as rank as it gets. It was awful for Huddersfield.

“Defending well gave them the chance to win the game.”

However, the Giants did improve last night against the Castleford Tigers clicking in attack.

Next week is a huge game against Wigan Warriors and could see Jake Connor debut.

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