Sam Burgess’ amazing gesture for fan who suffered medical episode

When we think of Sam Burgess, we think of the calibre of player he was.

A wrecking ball at Bradford Bulls and then a legend at South Sydney Rabbitohs, he spearheaded the Bunnies all the way to Grand Final glory in 2014 winning the Man of the Match despite a broken cheekbone in that win.

He has been involved in his fair share of controversies of course but it is fair to shine a light on the good things he has done and Zero Tackle in Australia have shone a light on an amazing gesture brought to light by Support worker Jolzy Louise-Prophet.

“Yesterday on the 26/01/2023 at approximately 11am my client had a medical episode just outside of Redfern oval,” Louise-Prophet said.

“My client is a 53 year old women with many health problems and is visually impaired, but that has not stopped her from supporting her team the Rabbitohs. We came down to Redfern to watch the boys train and my client was then so excited to get up close and get some signatures.

“After the training was over we were leaving to return home, however the heat proved too much for my client and she collapsed on the floor. I was there assisting her and when I turned around here was the amazing Sam Burgess on the floor helping my client.

“Sam never left her side, he offered her his own personal drink and helped her to sip. He held her up as she was in and out of consciousness. He was sweet and reassuring. He showed so much compassion and empathy.

“Jason Demetriou called for the staff to get a cool towel, ice and water. He watched over Sam and my client to make sure she was ok. They never left until she was in the safe hands of the ambulance workers.

“We love to go to games, we love to put on our jerseys, we love to meet the players, we love our team win or lose, but none of that will match the pride we have today after witnessing the true love, care and support from the boys to someone in need.

“Sam Burgess is truly a Superstar, he did not have to stop, he did not have to help, he did not have to care. But he did stop, he did help and he does care. I’m hoping that those who were there to witness this, will spread the word of just how wonderful Sam and the Rabbitohs are.

“Forever Glory Glory to South Sydney.”

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