Salford Red Devils announce exciting new partnership and plan to create interactive fan app

There’s a new era coming at Salford. With a move to a new stadium likely, a new coach at the helm in the shape of Paul Rowley and the arrival of exciting players like Marc Sneyd and Brodie Croft have generated a buzz around the club going into 2022.

Adding to this excitement is Salford’s new partnership with Blocksport to launch a fan app, fan tokens and NFTs.

The Swiss-based sports technology company are looking to develop new digital ways for fans to be more involved with the club.

The club has begun a multi-year partnership with the company and will develop a fan interactive app with features like fan voting, chats, predictions and a fan rating system creating a unique digital space for all fans to come together.

From there, the club will introduce a fan token and NFTs as the Red Devil’s work to evaluate and enter the world of blockchain technologies.

NFTs are non-fungible unique digital items like photos and videos whilst the fan tokens give fans all over the world an opportunity to vote for important decisions including things like shirt design.

Speaking about the partnership, Paul King, Executive Chairman at Salford Red Devils, said: “Salford Red Devils are a community-focused rugby league club and we’re excited to introduce more ways for fans to be involved by developing our digital community through the platform that Blocksport can provide.

“Recent weeks have seen big announcements in our players, coaching, pathways, and our work in the community. Matching that with a next-level platform for fans is important as we prepare for what is shaping up to be an exciting 2022 season.”

Meanwhile, Vladimir Liulka, CEO and Co-Founder at Blocksport commented: “This partnership is a milestone for Blocksport’s expansion in Rugby World. Knowing a fact how legendary Salford Red Devils is since it was founded in 1873, I am more than excited to start our long-term partnership with this club. Blocksport is fully committed to bringing the newest digital innovations to clubs and its very hot fans! ”

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