Queensland-based Australian rugby league club recruiting English halfbacks

It’s a bizarre title, but that’s exactly what it has happening in one part of the state of Queensland.

One Twitter user and prop forward, Scott Lee, has sent out an SOS to English halfbacks to join his amateur club Down Under.

The Sarina Crocodiles – an amateur club based in Mackay, Queensland – are apparently short of playmakers and expatriate Lee has called on his native countrymen to join him at the 2021 premiership winners.

Obviously, the players would get paid but the club would also offer any new recruit a job on the side, but the chance to play with a successful side and try and help the Crocodiles go one better.

Lee tweeted: “Are there any English half backs wanting to come over to Australia to play ? Sarina Crocodiles based in Mackay Queensland. 2021 premiership winners looking to go back to back. They would be able to offer match payments and a job. Message, share this post please. Thank you.”

For any budding rugby league player out there wanting to have a crack Down Under, it’s a very good offer!

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Roland Orzabal
Roland Orzabal
9 months ago

BRITISH you effing imbeciles!!!