Politis admits Roosters will begin to lose players

Sydney Roosters owner Nick Politis has recently spoken to NRL.com about how he believes that over the next couple of years the Roosters will have to lose a couple of big name players.

Here’s what Politis had to say to NRL.com:

“We obviously want to keep a winning team together, who wouldn’t?

But it’s really hard with the salary cap.

Every year we lose a couple.

Next year Cooper goes and in our salary cap a few guys will be bumped up and deservedly so.”

On November 1st Jake Friend, who is rumoured to be moving to the Bulldogs and Jared Waerea-Hargreaves, who is rumoured to be moving to the Panthers and Mitchell Aubusson will be off-contract and able to negotiate with other clubs.

On November 1st 2020 Joseph Manu, Latrell Mitchell, Siosiua Taukeiaho, Brett Morris and Nat Butcher will also be off contract.