Phil Clarke says Super League sides need to copy this club if they want to impress IMG

Hull KR have been impressing many recently.

They have taken the club in a new direction off the field and have also upped the on field entertainment and introduced Craven Treat.

Today, IMG presented to the RFL Council the recommended grading criteria to define how Super League, RFL Championship and League One clubs will be assessed starting from 2025, as part of the Reimagining Rugby League plans.

Based on a combination of on and off-field variables, the proposed grading criteria are designed to collectively increase clubs’ fanbases, diversify revenues, drive investment into clubs and the sport in a sustainable manner, run clubs in a best-in-class way and ensure strong governance is in place.

Following this, Phil Clarke said on Sky Sports that more clubs need to emulate the Robins:

“In principle, who can be against growing the game? We all want to do it. We have attempted to do it in a number of different ways in the past and they have all failed.

“I will say this, that seems like a toolkit that I can use to make a stronger club if was a club owner. That has to be viewed. Too many people think there is a magic wand IMG are going to wave and there will be twice as many fans.

“It’s hard work, clubs like Hull KR are doing hard work and doing sensible things to grow a stronger club and increase the fan base and make an enjoyable experience.

“The other thing we have to consider grassroots rugby because this is the lifeblood of the sport and clubs have to be focused on that.

“Clubs need to do their best and follow the lead of a club like Hull KR.”

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