Papua New Guinea coach has his say on controversial no try decision in defeat to Tonga

Since last night’s epic game between Papua New Guinea and Tonga, two stories have dominated discussion.

The first one being Rhyse Martin’s record equalling goal as he kicked his 41st goal without missing equalling the world record held by Jamie Ellis and Liam Finn.

However, he very nearly had an earlier chance at history when it appeared Rodrick Tai had scored in the corner. Liam Moore sent the decision up to video referee Ben Thaler as no try and Thaler didn’t find sufficient evidence to overturn the on field decision.

This irked plenty of fans with Rhyse Martin himself discussing the decisions he felt cost his side the game whilst the likes of Jy Hitchcox have taken to social media outraged by the decision.

But what did Papua New Guinea coach Stanley Tepend have to say about the call which saw a try denied when due to what could be considered a shoulder charge and even still it seemed that Tai could have squeezed the ball down before the touchline.

Here is what he had to say on the call: “I thought it was a try, I think most people watching would have given it as a try.”

Meanwhile, star fullback Alex Johnston echoed these thoughts as the Kumuls noted their frustration: “We crossed a couple of times and think we should have had the lead, so to lose on the bell it hurts.”

If given, PNG would have had the chance to go level much earlier than they did. Meanwhile, add that and their other disallowed tries to the final scoreboard and they would have won.

That said, the history books will also read Tonga 24-18 Papua New Guinea in what was a World Cup classic.

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