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Number of Super League sides to lessen? The salary cap to be reduced? – Super League chairman has his say

Interim Super League chairman Ken Davy has had his say on whether the Super League format and funding will change in 2022.

At the heart of those discussions has been whether the number of teams in Super League or the salary cap will change. That, according to Davy, is “very unlikely.”

“I have no information on that whatsoever, I’ve not heard any suggestions that any of the arrangements will change but we are in uncertain times with Covid and everything that surrounds it.

“So, it would be foolish for me to give an absolute guarantee but that is everyone’s understanding.

“It’s very unlikely that there will be any change to the number of teams in Super League.

“Reducing the salary cap has not been suggested, whether we will be forced into that kind of situation I don’t know.

“It’ll probably be the last on the agenda as we’re all keen to keep the product of Super League as it is as it is getting tremendous support from sponsors.

“If it wasn’t for Covid, it would be a different world but we have to deal with it and we’re all fighting to put on a superb spectacle for fans.”

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