Lee Briers on Warrington Wolves exit, why he left for Wigan Warriors and the club he turned down

When Lee Briers made the switch from Warrington Wolves to the Wigan Warriors ahead of the 2022 Super League season, there were a few eyebrows raised.

Briers, a 25-year custodian of the Warrington club, had left to join Wigan’s new revolution under Matt Peet.

But, the former Welsh international halfback, has been re-energised with the move to the DW Stadium.

“As everybody knows I was at Warrington for 25 years, so to be told I wouldn’t be kept on was a difficult year but sometimes change is the best thing,” Briers told Sky Sports.

“Even though I couldn’t see it at the time, the change what’s happened has been really good for myself.

“It’s re-energised me and I can’t complain about the start we have had and I’m really enjoying being part of a great club.”

Briers had previously stated that the change in personnel at the club meant that his lack of a contract was understandable.

“It’s as simple as, my contract at Warrington was up and it wasn’t going to get renewed,” Briers told the Drop Goal podcast.

“Obviously Daryl (Powell) was coming in and wanted to bring his own staff in and I’ve got no problem with that.

“It’s the role that I am in where people change roles and people bring in their own staff and it’s fine.

“Unfortunately I had to move on which was hard and strange but that’s life.”

He also revealed at the time that he had a huge job offer from the other side of the world.

“I was close to joining another club in the NRL but that didn’t just get over the line.

“So, I had two clubs¬† – one in England which is one of, if not the most, successful clubs in England – and then probably the biggest one in Australia so it was really humbling to have those clubs show interest.

“But it just felt right to be at Wigan – it’s a massive club and I thank Matty, the chairman and Kris Radlinski for showing confidence in me and giving me the opportunity and hopefully I can repay that.”

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