Konrad Hurrell, Marc Sneyd and Chris Hill: Super League players rage over controversial Mahe Fonua sinbinning against Wigan Warriors

Last night, Sky Sports viewers were tuning in to watch Wigan Warriors do battle with Castleford Tigers.

Unfortunately, the night was soured by one major incident just before half-time when referee Chris Kendall decided to send Castleford’s Mahe Fonua to the sinbin.

It was apparently for a late tackle on Wigan’s Jai Field, but bearing in mind that the Tigers centre actually knocked the ball on, viewers were baffled by the decision.

And, there were none more baffled than a hefty number of Super League stars who took to Twitter to voice their concern over the decision.

By the time Fonua had settled back into the line, Castleford were down 28-6 and Lee Radford addressed that yellow card following the game.

“When Mahe Fonua was off the field we conceded 12 points and then we conceded shortly after too,” Radford said.

“It ruined our interchange a little bit, we’re not catching a break at the moment, but I’m not whinging, we’re working hard and I’m proud of them.

“It is what it is and we’re genuinely going to have to get better with 12.”

Even opposing boss Matt Peet was unhappy with the decision to send Fonua off for ten minutes.

“That one I find really difficult to take,” Peet said.

“For me, people need to put it in context about the speed the game is played at – when there is no malice then the player deserves to stay on the field.”

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PHILIP beever
PHILIP beever
4 months ago

how do childs and kendall sleep at night or are they so far up their own butt they dont care