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Karl Pryce reveals the problem with licencing in Super League based off his experience

IMG are set to reimagine rugby league in the next few years and have already set out their stall about what they want to see in rugby league in the coming years.

They have suggested a reduced number of fixtures, an end to the Magic Weekend and more international rugby but the headline suggestion was the return of licencing and the end of traditional relegation and promotion.

Speaking to Serious About Rugby League, former Bradford Bulls, Wigan Warriors and Harlequins winger Karl Pryce revealed what he thinks is the problem with licencing as he suggested that it can cost players one or two percent in the intensity of their performance.

“I don’t know mate, I like the idea of relegation if I’m honest. But also, if you want sustainability and bring through younger players, you need an element of both,” Pryce said.

“You need to be able to bring through your players without pressure, but with a bit of pressure for your players to excel.

“You don’t want to be losing your livelihood but at the same time, if you use when I was at Harlequins for example, we knew after Round Eight we weren’t going to be competing for the top eight, we knew that but there was no risk of us going down and losing our jobs.

“So there might be a few games where there’s two points in it, but your livelihood isn’t on but if it was, subconsciously you might give that one percent more.

“I’m not saying that you down tools and don’t care, but sometimes that subconscious extra one percent is the difference between winning and losing.”

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