Jon Wilkin and England star open up about the “crazy” situation with jerseys ahead of games

It was a special night on Friday for the England Wheelchair side as they won the Wheelchair Rugby League World Cup Final against France.

In fact it was a special week building into the game as years of work finally came to a close and they finally defeated France who had been the bane of their lives fir the past decade

Before the game, the players’ friends and family presented the shirts but star Seb Bechara revealed that they had to give the shirts straight back speaking on BBC 5 Live’s Rugby League World Cup podcast: “The night before our friends and family presented our game shirt but we have to hand it back.

“It’s more of a ceremony but Imagine if you lost it.”

This prompted former St Helens man Jon Wilkin to question this whole scenario: “This is the crazy thing, I don’t understand it. Teams now hand the jerseys out the night before the game and then you go immediately to the kit man and give it straight back.”

However, Bechara says it’s worth it for creating the aesthetic in the changing room before the game: “When you get into the stadium, the shirt is there with your name on it. It looks really hot.”

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