IMG help end Leeds Rhinos’ Twitter nightmare opening the door for potential signing to be announced

Leeds Rhinos are back on Twitter.

After technical issues saw one of the biggest rugby league pages on the social network disappear, the club has returned to the site to their 200,000 strong following which is the largest in Super League.

It means that any major signings which could be in the pipeline, namely the potential arrival of Leigh Leopards centre Nene MacDonald, can now be announced now that the club have their full reach back in hand to share the news around.

Fans are also waiting on the reveal of the 2023 squad numbers.

As they returned to Twitter, the club issued a light-hearted apology warning those who took advantage of the hiatus that they could end up on Santa Claus’ naught list: “Phew. We’re back! I’d love to tell you that a major international network decided to take us down because we were the biggest Rugby League club in the world on Twitter! But it’s a cautionary tale, don’t mess with settings unless you know what you’re doing, sorry everyone.

“Massive thank you to Seven League for their support in getting us back on our feet with Twitter – onwards and upwards. And for those who have taken advantage of our little hiatus, it is the time of year for lists about who has been naughty or nice and we’re taking down names.”

It is interesting to note as well that Seven League is part of IMG, who are re-imaging rugby league in the UK and could see the end of relegation for Grade A clubs like the Rhinos.

In their description on Twitter, Seven League say they are: “Seven League is IMG Media’s digital sports agency. We are a strategic, operational and commercial engine for the sports industry.”

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