Ian Watson blasts Hull’s Andre Savelio as the forward sees red

Huddersfield put in a tremendous performance to comfortably beat Hull, 40-26.

But, one incident marred the game for Giants boss Ian Watson and that was Andre Savelio’s red card.

Watson felt that the Hull forward had “gone after” young substitute Robson Stevens, and that was something that Josh Jones – who was also red-carded – felt aggrieved about.

“I was displeased for (Andre) Savelio going after young Robson (Stevens),” Watson said.

“I’m fair game if you go after one of our senior players and you can do, but don’t go after a young lad.

“You could see him winding up to get the young man and you could see Josh (Jones) just wanted to protect him, so I’ve got no problems with Josh.

“There were a couple if punches thrown and the match review will look at that.”

Overall, though, the Huddersfield head coach was proud of how his players played.

“I think we started building a few weeks ago, but the last two performances have been a hell of a lot better and they deserved it tonight.

“They were playing as a team, the middles were doing their jobs and they were outstanding in defence – I don’t think I’ve ever seen Chris Satae sat down like that on a kick return.

“It’s individual attitude and effort, the boys want to work hard for each other.

“Some of the younger guys have been phenomenal in what they’ve done – they’ve brought us such a good attitude and energy for us tonight.”

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