“I know the truth” – Jackson Hastings hits back at Tim Sheens as exit rumours intensify

Australian journalists have had a lot to say about John Bateman recently.

Last week it was claimed that he wasn’t worth what they were paying for him.

The Tigers paid $250,000 to sign Bateman from Wigan Warriors and he is now reported to be on $800,000 on a four year deal with the club.

However, Daily Telegraph journalist Phil Rothfield isn’t sure he is worth that much in today’s game saying on NRL 360:

“To be paying John Bateman, who did have a great year, $800,000 when most edge forwards now, the Olakau’atu, Kikau, Liam Martin, big strong and powerful.

“I don’t think he’s got that build anymore and I’m not sure it is $800k well spent, I might be wrong.”

Meanwhile, Paul Kent echoed these thoughts:

“And the danger with that is that he has come back into the game and he is in his position as a small forward.

“It is a long-term deal to try and get through.”

This all comes as Rothfield revealed that Wigan were happy to let him go after his form in 2022:

“I’m told that Wigan, although they demanded a transfer fee, weren’t all that fussed about letting him go,” Rothfield said.

“His form was nothing like the year he was Dally M Backrower of the Year at the Raiders.”

Then on NRL 360 it has been claimed that Bateman wouldn’t play with former Wigan Warriors teammate Jackson Hastings resulting in his move to Newcastle Knights.

It was said: “As soon as we got wind that Bateman was going there, I got told he won’t play with Jackson Hastings.

“So I inquired about that and got told Hastings didn’t have a problem with Bateman but I’m pretty sure the other way round there was an issue.

“Following that, a week later Jackson ends up in Newcastle.”

Now though Wests coach Tim Sheens has hit back at these rumours saying there is only one reason why he left the Tigers.

“He didn’t want to play No.13,” Sheens said to Fox League.

“He wanted to play halves, they [the Knights] offered him an opportunity. I had him planned to play with Klemmer. He was picked to play No.13 in our recruitment and plans for this year. But he wanted to play pivot and Newcastle offered him that chance, so that’s it.

“There’s nothing else to it.”

Now though Hastings has himself hit back at Sheens’ comments.

“He can talk, that’s not up to me to talk, I know the truth behind what happened,” Hastings said in response to a question about Sheens comments.

“He knows the truth behind what happened and it is what it is, it’s not up to me to talk in the media.

“My job is to come out here and play football, I’ve said all along that I’ve got nothing but respect for the Tigers, their fans, the players, they gave me a chance. They brought me back from England and gave me a chance in the NRL.

“I’m not here to bad mouth no one, I never will, if they want to talk they can talk. I’m just here to play football and do my best, we were lucky to get the win tonight and we roll on to next week.”

“I’ll just straight bat it, but no that’s not the reason,” Hastings said, per The Sydney Morning Herald.

“To answer your question, no. That’s not how it went down. I’m not going to get into a war of words.

“I respect Sheensy. He coached me over in England in the All Stars team. He put a lot of faith in me to captain that side.

“I thought I had a good relationship with him. Things happen in footy. Things happen fast. They needed a prop and Newcastle needed a half. It was a fit for both clubs. I have nothing bad to say about anyone at the club.”

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