Hull KR star Ryan Hall launches tirade on Super League’s Easter schedule

The Easter period is incredibly tough on rugby league players.

Not only is recovery minimal with the short turnarounds, generating more fatigue and a greater likelihood of injury, but it is also evident that a drop in quality is there for all to see.

Whilst the Easter schedule has been part and parcel of rugby league since the sport came into being, it is becoming increasingly controversial – and players are now beginning to speak out about it.

None more so than Hull KR star Ryan Hall, whose Rovers side not only had to back up their Hull derby win over Hull FC from Friday night, they had to do so in the south of France against Toulouse Olympique.

No wonder, then, that the Robins started slow, going down 18-4 until mounting an impressive comeback to eventually run out 28-24 winners.

For Hall, though, the Easter schedule needs to be scrapped, he tweeted: “Right, for the umpteenth time, @SuperLeague can we do away with the Easter schedule now. We ask every year and it gets laughed off. Our bodies are our tools it feels like you disrespect them. Your sincerely, Every super league player ever!”

With athletes becoming more finely tuned, the Easter period is perhaps an accident waiting to happen. Should it be changed?

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