Hull FC’s Jake Connor identifies his biggest weakness in Super League

Love him or hate him, Jake Connor is an absolute maverick.

Topping the try assist charts with ease, the Hull FC fullback has the ball on a string sometimes – he is that good.

And, Connor revealed – on a new show alongside Sky Sports pundit Jon Wells named Sky Sports: The Detail – that rugby league brings something out in him that he never realised was inside.

“Ever since I started when I was 14 when I stepped onto the field it brought something out of me that I didn’t know I had,” Connor said on Sky Sports: The Detail.

“I’m an ultimate competitor and I compete withe everything and if I take it too far sometimes then so be it.”

Connor revealed that he does study players, but more so by playing against them on multiple occasions.

“There are some videos I watch at home and take note what players are doing but for me I’ve learnt what players have done in the past and they are all the same.

“I know Ash Handley loves an intercept for example and I want to get my own back on him.

“With me it’s waiting for the defence to make a decision and go on the back of it.”

That being said, Connor does know he has areas of his game that he needs to work on – and the main aspect of that is defence.

“My defence is a big one for me you can see that I’m not blessed with speed so I still get rounded,” Connor joked.

“Defensively is massive for me, making those one on ones in tight games is what I need to work on.”

Of course, there is no disputing his talent, but it is that defence frailty that left head coach Brett Hodgson selecting Jack Walker over Connor at number one whilst the former was still fit.

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