Reports: “High profile” player charged with alleged rape

According to the Courier Mail in Queensland Australia, a “high profile” player from the Brisbane Broncos has been charged with rape.

It comes after an alleged incident near Christmas but the player cannot be named at this juncture.

This is because the Queensland court laws don’t allow the identification of people charged with sexual assault or rape offences until committed to trial.

Thus, the man will remain unnamed but according to Zero Tackle in Australia he is in his 20s.

The case was mentioned in court yesterday but the man remains unnamed.

ABC have said that the alleged incident took place on December 10th and that he was charged with the alleged rape in January.

Yesterday, the Magistrates court mentioned the case for the first time but the player was absent with his lawyer the one in attendance.

As of now, the player is out on bail. The case will come to court on March 6th down under.

According to Zero Tackle, the player is also under investigation from the NRL’s Integrity Unit.

This has seen him stood down from club activities and of course games for the foreseeable future.

In better news for rugby league, Sam Burgess has been cleared on any wrong doing after his arrest.

Recently, he has had to deal with another after he has been reportedly arrested after he allegedly failed a random drug test.

The former South Sydney Rabbitohs premiership star was pulled over at Kingsford on one morning for a random test and allegedly returned a positive result according to the Daily Mail and Channel 7 News down under.

The former England international denied that he took any drugs according to Fox League saying he is “clean and sober” as well as revealing he had a second test after the roadside test came back positive.

“An initial roadside drug test was taken, which showed positive to cocaine,” he said.

“After I was released from the police station, I immediately and voluntarily went to an independent, internationally accredited testing facility and undertook a urine test.

“The urine sample returned a negative result to all illicit drugs.

“I deny any suggestion that I have drugs in my system.

“I have not consumed, obtained, or possessed any illicit drugs.

“I have made positive improvements to my life and to my driving since my full licence was returned to me following a 10-month loss of licence.

“I have undertaken road safety courses and since then I have not incurred any demerit points or any fines.

“I am clean and sober from drugs, living a happy, healthy and balanced life.”

Now Burgess has been vindicated with Burgess being cleared of the charges after a second drugs test came back as negative.

Burgess’ lawyer Bryan Wrench made the following statement in court:

“Mr Burgess was pulled over, submitted to a drug test and I can happily confirm the drug test has now confirmed there were no drugs in Mr Burgess’ system.”

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