George Williams opens up on cancer scare

Warrington Wolves have one of the best halfbacks in the country in the shape of George Williams.

However, as pressure mounted on the former Wigan Warriors stand off last season, his quality was missed as the Wolves struggled but the proof of his quality was there for all to see when in an England shirt as he was nominated for the Golden Boot award.

It will have taken amazing mental health to manage this pressure but even more so to deal with the cancer scare he faced when he was just 19 years old.

When he was still very much a youngster, Williams was mis-diagnosed with testicular cancer and as he spoke about the importance of mental health on Channel 4’s Steph’s Packed Lunch, he opened up about the experience.

“I was only 19-years-old so it was obviously a massive shock for me, my friends and family at the time,” Williams said.

“I’d just got into the first team, living my dream and becoming everything I wanted to be and then I got hit with the scare. It definitely did affect me mentally, it was a tough period and I’m just glad like Pete said that we’re through the other side.

“Fortunately it wasn’t cancer but I had the operation and I’m happy to talk about it, everyone should get checked out, young or old, and hopefully everything is all good.

“At first I was a little bit embarrassed, I thought it was something that was a little bit unheard of at 19-years-old. When I did open up and I was quite emotional, as well as embarrassed, telling them but the reaction was unbelievable, so much support and love and it made me feel at home straight away.”

Why was it so hard for Williams to talk about this? Well the halfback explained it was partly due to the expectations placed on players: “We play a tough sport, it is a tough environment, we have the banter and the laughs but when it comes down to it everyone cares for each other.”

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