Garry Schofield in hospital for major operation

Former Leeds Rhinos and Hull FC legend Garry Schofield has been admitted to hospital today for an operation, according to one of his lifelong friends.

The ex-Great Britain international is set to have his left eye removed after suffering a detached retina which has failed to heal.

Schofield has had a total of seven operations and three laser treatments, with the problem seemingly getting worse.

“I’ve also been having massive issues with eye pressure,” Schofield told the Yorkshire Evening Post previously.

“Unfortunately for me, I have had the highest eye pressure St James’s has ever known – my eye pressure has been up to 82.

“They’ve said to me I should be on the ground, with pain in my head.

“At times it wasn’t so bad, but at others it felt as though my eye wanted to pop out, my head was pounding and it felt like my head was going to explode.”

Let’s hope the rugby league community get together and support Schofield through this.

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