Former Wigan star checked into mental health facility

Former Wigan stand-off Brett Finch has been checked in to a mental health facility following an incident on a plane journey, according to the Australian Daily Telegraph.

The 38-year-old was seen looking pale with a bloodied nose while asleep on a flight from Sydney to the Gold Coast last week.

“He looked like he couldn’t bring himself to get off the plane. White as a ghost, couldn’t control his runny nose and (appeared) paranoid,” a passenger told the Telegraph.

“He wasn’t abusive. He just didn’t want to get off the plane, like he was scared about something.

“The captain came out, they had to call the fire service and ambulance to get him off.”

Finch has previously spoken of how he “hit rock-bottom” following his retirement from the game in 2013.

He has been admitted into mental health facilities on three occasions in the past to deal with his issues.

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