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Former rugby league star Brett Horsnell forced to sell prized memorabilia to fund medical bills following diagnosis

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Former rugby league star Brett Horsnell has opened up on his harrowing post-rugby state in a tell-all interview.

The former Parramatta, Gold Coast and South Queensland enforcer is almost bankrupt after being forced to sell some of his most prized possessions in order to fund his medical treatment.

Horsnell is currently suffering with chronic traumatic encephalopathy after enduring 50 concussions over a ten-year playing career.

And, now the 51-year-old is having to sell memorabilia.

“I’m just about done,” Horsnell told the Daily Telegraph.

“I’ve spent everything. I’m living in a crappy unit. I’m just struggling. I can’t work … I just struggle to pay rent. I don’t have public housing.

“I am paying normal rent. I pay normal bills like everyone else but I’m on a disability, which is not a lot of money. I’ve spent so much money on medical bills and health care.

“I’ve sold four jerseys from every club I’ve played with. I’ve donated some to charity.”

Horsnell initally considered taking legal action against Parramatta Eels, but now is determined to just have a quiet life.

“I get vertigo, dizziness and not normal headaches,” Horsnell continued.

“They come and they go. Basically, like lightening, they hit you and they go away. Like someone shooting you with a bullet. They are really bad. It’s not a good thing.

“I was starting to feel effects near the end of my career. I knew something was wrong but I didn’t know what it was. I couldn’t put it together. It’s cost me a lot in life.

“I know there are a few players who have retired because of concussions recently and they are young fellas. They don’t know what they are in for when they get older.

“The side-effects I’ve got. They are going to be in big trouble. It’s a terrible, terrible thing.”

You can help Horsnell in his battle by donating here:—Brett-Horsnell

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