Former Hull KR and Castleford Tigers forward launches tirade after being refused passport

Castleford sign Larroyer

Former Castleford Tigers and Hull KR forward Kevin Larroyer has launched a tirade against the passport office after being refused a passport for his son, calling for more father’s rights in the process.

Larroyer revealed – on Twitter – that he had been rejected after failing to bring a hard copy of his son’s birth certificate with him, despite presenting them with a digital certificate as well as Larroyer’s own passport to confirm his identity.

The 32-year-old Frenchman – who has most recently been plying his trade with the Halifax Panthers – said: “I had an appointment in Liverpool today to renew my son’s passport.

“My application has been refused because I couldn’t prove I’m his dad. I didn’t have a hard copy of my son’s birth certificate with me.

“Important fact. My son has my name and I had my passport to prove my identity and a digital copy of his birth certificate.

“So I asked: “would it be the same if it was his mum instead of me?”

“The officer responded: “Obviously no, as she is the mum, it’s obvious.

“I find it UNFAIR, HUMILIATING and DOWNSIZING my role as a dad.

“It’s 2021, and FATHERS still not recognised as equal as mums??? When is this gonna change?”

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