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Fans not happy after missed potential red card incident only punished with fine

Recently there has been a lot of talk about the video referee.

It has been suggested time and again that video referees should be present at every game so the correct decision can always be made.

For example, on Friday night Zane Tetevano would probably have only been placed on report at a none TV game but video replays allowed the officials to assess the tackle and award a red card.

Referees are only human and the speed of the game means it is inevitable that they will miss things and elsewhere on Friday Castleford Tigers fans weren’t happy with a tackle on Jacob Miller.

Tigers fans believed it could have been a yellow, maybe a red card, but all that was shown was a green card which forced Miller off for a couple of minutes.

Footage surfaced of the tackle that night:

One fan said:

“Tetevano got done by the TV replay not what the ref saw in play. The presence of TV means different rules. Surely in top flight, a video ref should be at all or none.”

However, despite the outrage of fans, Arthur Romano was only hit with a fine for the incident.

The Match Review Panel minutes said:

“High Tackle – Reckless – tried to tackle but reckless about outcome”

One fan has responded to this on social media saying:

“Hi The RFL,

“Is this supposed to describe the tackle below?

“It’s just there is no mention that the attacker doesn’t have the ball or that the defender makes direct contact with the head.

“Surely ‘tried to tackle’ isn’t being used as mitigation?”

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