Exclusive: Wakefield Trinity winger reveals “interest” from other clubs “has gone quiet”

Kyle Evans may have only played rugby league since mid way through 2022 when he joined Wakefield Trinity, but he had made a real impression.

He shone when he played for Wakefield throughout the season and was even more impressive during the Rugby League World Cup playing for Wales.

Against one of the tournament favourites Tonga, he produced an inspired defensive performance adorned by a superb try against Kristian Woolf’s side.

After the game many questioned why Wakefield hadn’t re-signed him or why no other side had poached the winger.

Evans has revealed to Serious About Rugby League that there was interest but it has gone quiet:

“There was a little bit of interest at first with a few people asking questions but no contracts have ever been offered to me and it all seems to have gone quiet now.”

He elaborated on how stressful it has been: “I’m still waiting to get a club and hear back from people. It’s a really stressful time for me going from playing in super league and the World Cup to now not having a club.

“It’s been a rollercoaster of emotions if I’m being honest, but I’m just trying to remain positive at the moment.

“The World Cup was an amazing experience for me and i remain proud of the performances I put in after only playing rugby league for a short amount of time, and I hoped it would be enough to secure a club moving forward so to now be without a club has been initially tough to deal with as I would have liked to get straight back and have a good pre-season going forward.”

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