Exclusive: Hakim Miloudi reveals he struggled to afford his house, car and food because of Toronto Wolfpack and is still waiting on payment

Toronto Wolfpack’s Super League story is brief but interesting.

They showed the potential of the sport in America as they climbed the league’s attracting star players to the club as money was funnelled into the club as they made their ambitions clear.

They climbed all the way to Super League and even brought in star name Sonny Bill Williams as they made their Super League debut in 2020.

However, after the pandemic they never returned to action as financial problems tore through the club spelling the end of their place in Super League but also in British rugby league overall.

Speaking exclusively to Serious About Rugby League, a player involved with the club at the time, ex-Hull FC star Hakim Miloudi has given the inside story of what it was like to experience the collapse of the club.

However, he is grateful for the initial adventure: “I think it’s one of the best adventures I’ve been on. We were playing in England for four to six weeks and after that in Canada for another four to six weeks. It was class.”

However, he described the end of the club itself as terrible: “It was a terrible news for me, for the club and for the players, we had never thought that it could happen.”

This was before he opened up on the impact it had on him financially revealing he struggled to pay for his home and his food in light of their problems also revealing he still hasn’t been repaid: “Financially the situation impact us really badly. For me, the house was in my contract and the club stopped paying it so I had to use the money I saved for 8 months paying for that and for my car as well and food and everything without income.

“So yes we all lost a lot there. We are still waiting for the money back.”

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