Ex-St Helens star Luke Thompson returns to England following conclusion of NRL season

If there is one England international that hasn’t been kept out of the news in 2022 then it is former St Helens star Luke Thompson.

The hulking forward has been in excellent form for the Canterbury Bulldogs when he has been on the field, the only trouble is he hasn’t been on the field for too long this season.

Midway through the year, Thompson was given leave by Canterbury General Manager Phil ‘Gus’ Gould after a family emergency back in the UK.

And, after spending a fortnight in the UK, the forward returned to the Bulldogs only to contract Covid-19 and then suffer debilitating symptoms from concussion.

That being said, Thompson continues to reiterate his desire to stay at Belmore for the foreseeable future despite consistently being linked with a move away.

Now, though, a deserved return to the UK is on the cards after he snapped himself on a flight, going from Australia back to his native country presumably to meet up with his family once more.

Upon his return to the UK last time, Gould said: “Luke has not seen his family for a couple of years and we felt it important he returns home now during this difficult time,” Gould reported.

“He is to return to Australia on July 8th, but much will depend on how things play out back home. Some things in life are just far more important than football.”

It later transpired that Thompson came back to look after his mother and, effectively, save her life with his presence.

“I got a phone call from my brother back home, he said he didn’t think my mum had long left,” Thompson told the Sydney Morning Herald.

“She’s not been too well for a while, but at the age of 54 I’ve not seen that coming. She was a bit in denial with what’s going on, she was jaundiced and bright yellow.

“My brother couldn’t persuade her to go to the hospital. I stayed with for three nights and managed to persuade her to go to the hospital. If I hadn’t gone home, she might not be here now.

“She’s gotten a bit better. I went home to help her get the treatment. I pretty much saved her life.

“We got her the care she needed so that she’s in the best place and I could then come home and finish the season.”

Fingers crossed that Thompson does not have to do something as drastic upon him setting foot on British soil once more.

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