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Ex-Hull FC star tears into his former club’s poor performance

Hull FC have lost 40-0 to Hull KR in a damaging Hull derby.

Following this, on Sky Sports, former Hull FC centre Martin Gleeson tore into his former side’s performance.

He said:

“It was a terrible start. You are thinking it is a big game especially for Hull FC and they kick off to Hull KR and they march Hull FC down the field 60 metres and with Jordan Abdull is the best in the business at the moment and he will put it on a six pence.”

“Everyone knows he is a left foot kicker and he is very good but the markers chasing go to the wrong side and make it easy for him to kick on his left foot and then it is good luck to the back three.

“That is a lack of detail and they put their team under pressure.

“They look lost do Hull FC. Josh Griffin has put in two nothing kicks. They look confused.”

Barrie McDermott meanwhile said they looked in “disarray”:

“Hull FC look in disarray at the end of sets to me. Hull KR meanwhile do everything at such high intensity.

“It is hard not to be cruel here, but they were a shambles.

“It was hard to begin with, they had players missing and then they lost Jake Clifford. I felt for him but it was woeful from Hull FC.”

For Gleeson it was simple: the defence from Hull was not good enough:

“Hull FC weren’t prepared to get their shoulders in. The second half the ruck got quicker and they got torn apart.

“Tony Smith isn’t known for his defence but he has to improve that if they want to get out of trouble.

“Forget about offence for a minute, they need to fix defence.”

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