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England international set to make bold move

The rumour that Josh Hodgson is set to leave Canberra has picked up the pace in recent weeks, but it appears to be nearing ever more true.

When asked who Brisbane were targeting for 2022, The Daily Telegraph’s Paul Kent told NRL360on Fox League “Josh Hodgson from Canberra.”

“It’s all backroom dealings at the moment, it’s stuff neither club wants out. They want it to be further down the road before it becomes public,” Kent said.

“It’s still early enough it could all fall over very quickly but the fact is this is all part of the backroom negotiations and the cattle trade that we see between clubs that conversations are opened, they’re shut down, they progress.

“There’s a lot to happen, but it is fascinating how clubs are so active to rebuild their rosters for next season.”

Hodgson has played over 120 games since making the move to Canberra back in 2015, but has seemingly fall out of favour in 2021. And, the hooker relinquished the captaincy a fortnight ago.

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